The 16RDA I/O’s PLC option offers 14 relay, analog, digital, PWM, and interrupt I/Os (8 inputs and 6 outputs). See Figure 16RDA I/O’s Datasheet p2 below, for general and technical features, and input, output, and communications details.


The 16RDA I/O’s PLC provides one each of the I2C, SPI, TTL, and RS-485 (half duplex only) communications services. An I2C server may have up to 127 client nodes, which allows a network with more than 7,100 total relay, analog, digital, PWM, and interrupt I/O’s.

NOTE: The I2C service is switch enabled – if enabled, the interrupt/digital isolated input and one relay output are no longer available for use.


One input is software configurable as either interrupt or digital isolated. Three inputs are digital isolated. Four inputs are software configurable as either analog or digital isolated.

NOTE: The digital and interrupt input voltage range is from 7 VDC to 24 VDC.
NOTE: The analog input voltage range is from 0 VAC to 10 VAC.


Six outputs are relays.

NOTE: The relay output voltage ranges are 7 VDC to 24 VDC, and 0 VAC to 220 VAC.
NOTE: The maximum DC current is 410 milliamps, and the maximum AC current is 5 amps.


See Figure 16RDA I/O’s Datasheet p3 below for Arduino quick start, safety precaution, and technical support contact information. Visit the Media –‍ PLCs –‍ Spartan page for Datasheets, User Guides, and Videos.


These products offer the 16RDA I/O’s option (Relay / Analog / Digital / PWM / Interrupt).