Information about software developed for DLSCorp clients (as well as open-source software) is provided here.

Please contact us directly if you are interested in custom software development.

Writing C Code to Control Raspberry Pi PLCs (coming soon)

The first project (currently underway) exclusively for DLSCorp clients is a C library for the Raspberry Pi 4 PLCs and Panel PCs. It is designed to reduce the latency of Analog, Digital, and Relay I/Os activities. While it may not provide a hard real-time solution, it certainly is much better than soft real-time (let’s call it firm real-time), and a lot faster than interpreted solutions.

Sending UDP Packets over an Ethernet Link from Raspberry Pi to Arduino

All I wanted was an easy way to check out my Arduino Ethernet link, but it wouldn’t respond to a ping, and I couldn’t find any sample code that would do what I needed.